Murder Mystery Dinners at the Hotel Garbe

Following the great success of the Murder Mystery Dinner in November - please see photos here, three more have already been planned for 2009.

16th January - Murder at the Country Club - details below
30th January - Murder on the Silver Screen
13th February - Murder on the Silver Screen

Who Murdered John Dosh?

The time is the present, the place is the Country Club Hotel, where John Dosh the millionaire owner has invited his staff to a wine tasting. But, before the corks were drawn John Dosh was found murdered in the wine cellar!

He thought he could trust his employees, so who gave him his P45?

Join the party to solve the Murder at The Country Club.

The evenings cost 29 euros per person, please book your table or individual places at least 2 weeks prior to be able to receive your invitation with the part you will play and get together your costume (nothing outlandish, as they are all staff of the Country Club).

Proceeds of the evening will go to APAA. (Association for Protection of Animals Algarve)

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