Coming Hypnosis Workshop - Wednesday, 14th January

Have you ever wondered how hypnosis works?

Would you like to be more motivated, focused or relaxed in all you do?

As you read this will you find your curiosity growing?

Tony Westwood, International Speaker, Hypnotist and Golf Professional has combined his years of experience from the golfing world and his understanding of hypnosis to create a unique learning experience.

You can begin to think yourself better by understanding how your mind actually works.

When you buy a computer it comes with a manual in many languages to help you understand how the computer works.

The computer in your head is many, many more times powerful than any computer ever created by man and no one has ever been given a user manual for their brain.

These workshops will help you understand how to control your thinking in life by learning how your conscious and unconscious minds actually communicate.

To find out how you can attend a workshop and learn more call:00 (351) 910 960 464 or e-mail hypnogolf@gmail.comNEXT WORKSHOP: Hotel Garbe, Armacao de Pera

DATE: Wednesday 14th January, 2009
TIME: 19:00COST: 15 euros

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