Murder Mystery Dinner


Frivolous fun

It’s not often that a successful social evening commences with a Police Report!

However at a Murder Mystery dinner party held at Hotel Garbe last week, there was a crime scene investigation and vigorous cross-questioning of the suspects!

The people in the frame – a group of 48 expatriate guests – were dressed for the occasion. Participants required a sense of humour taking on roles such as Christopher Bossy-le-Boots, Nikki Melons, Renee Scrubber and Terry Plant, a gardener who likes digging the dirt!

This was the first time the hotel has hosted a Murder Mystery evening which included an Indian meal at the Raj at the Garbe restaurant.

Organised by Jenny Tucker, 350 euros were raised to support the charity, APAA (Association for the Protection of Animals Algarve). Raffle pries and bottles of wine presented to the winning participants were generously donated by Wine Mine, Let the Magic In and Pat and Alan Camplin-Smith.

By popular demand the hotel intends to run another Murder Mystery evening in January.

E-mail received from participant:

"Thank you very much for last night; I don't think we have laughed so much in ages. Roll on the next one and well done on your fundraising."

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