Theatre Dinner Review - Contributed

Contributed: Pauline Thurman

Review of "Big Cats"

Live theatre is always a joy and the Algarve is lucky to have Susan Jefferies and Victor Graham from the Jefferies English Theatre visit and perform in the winter.

Written by Alec Baron the star roles were taken by Suzanne and Victor being "husband" Joe and wife Lily. The social worker Ann was played by Diane Cantillon Ings. She gave a typical social workers performance. The play was based in Lily's council house. Lily is in dire straits for money and is constantly talking to Joe.

Letters from the council arrive informing Lily her home is to be demolished. She just tears them up refusing to accept the inevitable and of course not wanting to leave Joe behind.

Several scene's later and following the social workers visit it becomes apparent that Joe is no longer with us. Lily is talking all the time to his ghost/spirit. At the eleventh hour Lily in fact agrees to move on to another abode leaving Joe in the home to be demolished the following day.

A good performance by all concerned .

The next Theatre Dinners are on Wednesday, 28th February and Thursday, 1st March when two comedies "Thicker that Water" and "Would you like a cup of Tea" will be performed. Early booking is advised. Tel: 282 320260 E.mail:info@hotelgarbe.com

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