Christmas Quiz Answers

1. Who is Santa Claus named after?
St. Nicholas

2. Boxing Day is also the Holy day for which Saint?
St. Stephen

3. "Something stupid" was a Chrismas hit in 2001. Who sang it originally?
Frank and Nancy Sinatra

4. Who introduced Christmas trees to England?
Prince Albert

5. Which actor played The Grinch in 2001?
Jim Carey

6. How many drummers were drumming in the "Twelve Days of Christmas"?

7. On what date is Epiphany?
6th January

8. What are the names of the three Kings?
Balthasar and Gaspar & Melcher

9 How many times is the word Christmas mentioned in the song "Jingle Bells"?

10. Who was crowned King of England on Christmas day 1066?
William The Conqueror

Thank you to all who sent in answers. Entries will all correct answers were placed in a draw.

Our Congratulations to Mrs. Britten whose entry was was the first one drawn. Mrs. Britten has won a weekend for two people in the Hotel Garbe.

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