New - Weekend Course

Introduction to the Portuguese Language, History and Culture

17th and 18th March 2007

These are weekend courses starting on a Saturday at 10.00am at the Hotel Garbe.

To understand the culture of a country you need know its history, or at least some of it. The objective of this course is to tell you about the history and the development of Portugal throughout the years and how that affects the country’s culture and mentality.

Hand in hand with the history and culture is a language as unique as any Latin language.

Learning Portuguese can become an interesting challenge but the idea of this weekend is to learn the basics, common expressions, building sentences and conversational Portuguese.

We will use role-play activities, games and many other learning activities.

Join us and get to know the real Portugal

The programme for the weekend is as follows:

1pm -Lunch
2pm to 5pm – Including a coffee break

10am to 1pm - Including a coffee break

For more information or to book - please send e-mail to info@hotelgarbe.com

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