2nd Annual Shoebox Drive for the Elderly

A great success.... Thank you for your generosity.
Thanks to all who participated in the 2nd Annual Shoebox Drive for the Elderly - more than one hundred filled shoeboxes were delivered by Castelo de Sonhos to needy elderly people of Silves, along with food parcels.

David and Celia Mossman the organisers this drive also run a Friends Luncheon Club which hold a raffle at each lunch - some of the 550 Euros raised from the raffle during 2006 paid for some the much needed food.


More funds were raised at the Spirit of Network Christmas Fair
Pat Hutchinson and Keep Fit for Charity Club entertained the shoppers with Traditional Christmas Carols raising 110 Euros for Castelo dos Sonhos.
Celia Mossman and Deanna Mitchell put their creative skills to work and made nearly 50 Christmas Table Decorations which the sold at the Fair and raised 330 Euros.
.Thank you to all who participated in this drive and to those who publicised the event.

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