Alentejano Açorda


Serves 4
1 good bunch of coriander
2 to 4 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon salt;
4 tablespoons olive oil;
1.5 litres water
400 g bread (hard);
4 eggs

Poach the eggs.

Crush the coriander with the garlic cloves, and salt. Put in a bowl. Add the olive oil and the boiling water from the eggs.

Stir in the pieces of bread. Serve the soup and then

Put the a egg in each soup dish and then add the soup.

Açorda is the most well known dish of the cuisine of Alentejo.

There are many ways to cook it, most influenced by the change of seasons. It is always a warm and clear broth, flavored with coriander and/or mint, seasoned with olive oil.

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