Recipes from the Algarve - Fig "Cheese"

Serves 8
250g dry figs
250g almonds
250g sugar
25g powdered chocolate
5g cinnamon
1,5g of aniceed
1,5 dl of water
half a lemon peel scrapings
sugar to taste
Roast the figs and the almonds. Grind them separately. Put the water, sugar, cinnamon, lemon peel scrapings, aniseed and chocolate in a pan. Heat until the mixture separates when the bottom of the pan is scrapped by a spoon. Add the ground almonds, stir constantly and let it boil for five minutes. Then add the ground figs, continuing to stir and let the mixture boil another five minutes. Separately, sprinkle a shallow pan with granulated sugar, pour the mixture into it and let it cool. Once it is cold, mould one or several "cheeses".

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