Recipes from the Algarve - Pudim Flan

We often get asked for recipes for one of the dishes that we serve in our restaurant. The traditional Pudim Flan - Creme Caramel is one of the most popular.

Pudim Flan
1 cup sugar
3 eggs
1 vanilla pod
¼ litre milk

Whisk one tablespoon of sugar and the eggs to a frothy consistency. On a very low heat, gently stir this into luke warm milk. Cut the vanilla pod open and scrape out the inside. Add this to the cream. In a separate pot, melt the remaining sugar and stir continuously until brown. Pour the caramel into four small pastry moulds and top up with the egg mixture. Place in a bowl with hot water and cook very carefully for 30 minutes. Remember not to allow the water to boil and splash into the moulds. Remove the moulds and stand to cool. Just before turning them out, dip them briefly into hot water,

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