Workshop - How to quadruple your turnover and profit

Wednesday, 22nd October – 9.30am – 12.30pm

Is quadrupling your turnover and profits really possible when the economic climate is tough?

Yes absolutely.

But lets start thinking about something a bit more modest. How about improving your figures by just 10% next month. It might not be easy but most of us can envisage that.

Well, what if you did that every month? In just 16 months your monthly turnover will have more than quadrupled.

This isn’t a distant dream; lots of people do it every year.

Meet Marketing Magician, Stefan Drew, who will explain the three ways to grow a business, how your marketing can be improved by measurable amounts every month and how this has led him to increase his business turnover and profits, and get his best business growth ever, during the depths of a recession.

Cost: - 89 Euros for each half day workshop

Book two or more workshops and you are entitled to a 10% discount

For more information or to book your place – please contact Hotel Garbe – 282 320260 or mail@hotelgarbe.com.

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