Winter Workships - Creative Writing

Why attend a writing workshop?

Ask anyone who enjoys writing and they will tell you that as soon as they see one advertised they have their name down.

They are certain in the knowledge that either the person holding the event or someone attending it will share something that will be useful to their skills.

Novices will benefit the most and those who come out of sheer curiosity to find out what creative writing is all about come away wondering why they never went before.

Being able to express your innermost feelings, emotions and even fantasies in this creative form can open up whole new vistas in anybody’s life.

It can be cathartic and soothing to ones innermost being just to be able to write down dreams or memories before they fade away and are lost forever.

Join Jenny Grainer on a practical and fun course of creative writing and widen your imaginative skills.

Write down the history of your family or try children’s stories – is there a novel in you or some practical articles on a subject you know well?

There is a market for all subjects – come and discover yours.

Each workshop cost 65 Euros per person and consists of two half day sessions

Don't miss it - for more information or to book tel: 282 320260 or send e-mail to mailto:%20info@hotelgarbe.com

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