Next February - Plants and Flowers

Enjoy four half day walks

Although not in the Mediterranean in a geographical sense the vegetation of Algarve is typically ‘Mediterranean’ in character. The diverse geology offers a wide range of habitats so that in a small area there is a superb variety of flora that cannot be equalled in southern Europe and this course offers you the chance to explore for yourselves differing localities to learn more about the plants and flowers that grow there.

Over the week there will be visits to the acidic mountains of Monchique, the limestone escarpments of the central Algarve and the differing southern and western coastlines.

Your guide will be Dr Julie Statham, a local ecological expert and member of Flora and Fauna International who will share with you her extensive knowledge of the area; this course is more for the plant and flower enthusiast rather than the serious botanist.

There will also be an optional half day visit to the western limestone headlands of St. Vincent and Sagres which have many endemics and rarities.

To access some of the less common plants some easy walking will be involved so please wear comfortable shoes. 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st February, 2008

170 Euros per person

For more information or to reserve you place please send e-mail to info@hotelgarbe.com or tel: 282 320260

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