(and ME!)

A few years ago, my holiday to plan –
Would it be Paris, Rome or Milan?
But looking around and just by chance
Portugal beckoned – not Italy or France.
I flew away from England’s shore
Wondering, as usual, what lay in store
The Hotel Garbe”? What a strange sounding name
I must find out from whence it came.
And so I arrived in room ‘one-o-three
Feeling strangely at home – could be the afternoon tea
Or perhaps ’tis the bar staff there to serve me
But I wonder no more it’s plain to see –
Managers, receptionists, waiters and maid
Are there with a smile to come to my aid
And over the years I am happy to say
It does not change there, from day to day
But my room has changed it is not ‘two-five-two’
Second floor up with a spectacular view
I have many friends now from U.K. and E.U.
Together we swim, have tea and ‘bridge’ too!
Then sooner or later March comes around
And back to England I am homeward bound
Where all the spring flowers carpet the ground
Re-unions a-plenty and family to see
Summertime travelling by air, land or sea,
But time stands not still and weather is colder
And the laves on the trees get crinkled and older
They fall to the ground saying “Winter is nearer”
And I plan my return to Armacao de Pera.
Then December arrives and I am off again
Away from dear England, the cold and the rain
To that beautiful place which I now hold dear
In time for Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Molly Clarke
January, 2005

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