Course Review - Stained Glass Course

Contributed by Mr. Alan Wells

Bubbly Barbara quickly put us at our ease as we started our first session of the “Stained Glass Course”

A brief description of our first “work of art” and we were away on what proved to be an exciting adventure.

We were soon cutting clear glass and then preparing the patterns for our butterfly, cutting and grinding to shape the four sections which made up the wings. Then foiling the edges and soldering them together to make the basic shape. Having done this we attached the feelers and the ring for hanging the butterfly and then washed the work before applying the patina. All the time Barbara was at hand and offered advice on the best way to perform any particular task. We then made a butterfly using coloured glass and after foiling the edges soldered it together with the wings slightly raised to give it depth. Our final project was a box with a hinged lid, a mirror base and a motif applied to the lid Monique chose a small butterfly whilst I made a stylish letter M. To round off our work we made a series of penguins.

A fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable course which was well prepared and conducted with help and suggestions always at hand

The next Stained Glass Course at the Hotel Garbe will be taking place on 20th, 21st and 22nd February - please send e-mail to activities@hotelgarbe.com for more information.

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