Middle Eastern Dancing - New Class

The successful dance classes at the Hotel Garbe are set to expand with the introduction of a new beginner’s level in Middle Eastern Dance.

Open to all ages with no previous experience necessary, sessions take students on a journey through dance and music, from the peasant and folk styles of the Nile Delta and the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, through classical Egyptian Beledi (from which the phrase Belly Dance is coined) to sensuous Persian. Gypsy elements and Andalucian cross borders and culture and lead through African influences from the slave trade across the seas to the birth of Latin American dances which in time returned to influence the modern cabaret of Cairo and Lebanon. The roots of all dance in India is still present today with Bollywood and the Gothic American Tribal fusion styles.

Many students are surprised by the imagination this class inspires within them. Most come with the expectation they are going to exercise their body, but during this journey so many experiences open to them that some have a completely new outtake on life. Come and experience for yourself!

For husbands, children, and friends, if you are stuck for a present with a difference why not book someone special a trial lesson – Gift vouchers available.

The ongoing Intermediate class is fortnightly on Saturdays with the new beginners class slotting into the alternate week. Both classes start at ten and last two hours. Other classes and workshops could be arranged, please contact Jeanette on 286512679 for information.

Contributed: Jeanette Elliott

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