Creative Writing Course Reviews

Jenny Grainer, a professional journalist held a Creative Writing Course at the Hotel at the beginning of this month - the course was a great success and we would like to share with you some of the comments we received.

The course has been enlightening, surpassing expectations, I have learned so much and have two manuscripts that are ready to send to publisher or agents as a result of these four days. S.S.

This has been a real learning curve for me (a novice with regard to writing). Please await the publication of my book. Molly C.

Very refreshing, invigorating and challenging. Renewed interests in creative writing that had been long buried. I enjoyed touching on various aspects, articles, story writing, children's etc. During the four days we were encouraged to write prolifically and received excellent feedback on our efforts. M.B.

I surprised myself! I didn't think I could be so inventive. Being given a subject made all the difference. M.W.

The course gave me time to concentrate uninterrupted and work on my writing. I now have plots for three books - watch this space. Maria C.

Jenny is a very good tutor and I have written a story I would like to publish when eventually finished. C.M.

Next Course

Weekend Course - Saturday and Sunday, 25th and 26th March, 2006

10.00am - 4.00pm - each day

If you enjoy writing, and would like to learn creative writing for profit or pleasure, Jenny Grainer, a professional journalist, will provoke your writing skills. Start that book or your memoirs for future generations to remember you by? Price per person is 85 Euros.

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