St. Patrick's Day Quiz - Congratulations and Answers

Congratulations to Jackie Balko who is the winner of our St. Patrick's Day Quiz. Jackie has won a weekend for two people at the Hotel Garbe.


1. What day do we celebrate St Patrick's Day on?
17th March

.2. Where was St. Patrick born?

3. What did St. Patrick use the Shamrock for?
To teach about Christianity

4. What animal was St Patrick reported to have driven out of Ireland?

5.What are you suppose to do to the Blarney Stone?
Kiss it

6. What did St Patrick do in Ireland before he went to France when he was 22?
He was a slave

7. What colour is traditionally associated with St Patrick?

8. What is the capital city of Ireland?

9. What colours are in the Irish Flag?
Green, White and Orange

10. What happens if you look away from a leprechaun?
He will disappear

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