Marketing Magician Reveals Marketing Secrets at Hotel Garbe

Businesses from east and west Algarve attended the third series of Marketing Magician seminars at the Hotel Garbe. Marketing Magician, Stefan Drew, revealed profit boosting marketing techniques to businesses as diverse as retailers and publishers to restaurants and villa rental specialists in a series of seminars and one-to-one surgeries designed specifically for local businesses.

For the third time in less than a year Marketing Magician, Stefan Drew, has flown in from the UK to deliver his special blend of marketing and business knowhow to Algarve businesses. With topics as diverse as How to Quadruple Your Turnover and Profits to Marketing for specialist businesses such as Restaurants and Real Estate companies there was something every business.

Hotels Garbe’s Vicki Good commented, “These seminars are useful for businesses at any time but never more so than in the current trading climate. Hotel Garbe recognises the need for strong marketing at all times and has changed its marketing focus as new technologies emerge. Like Stefan we recognise that people now spend much more time online. We’ve reflected these changes in our own marketing with a blend of traditional marketing and the new technologies like social networking. In fact we know that some people attended the Marketing Magician seminars after seeing them mentioned on Facebook!”

Stefan Drew commented, “The businesses that attended the events at the Hotel Garbe are exceptional. They are run by positive people that seek to take control of their destiny, learn new skills and apply them to grow and thrive in any economic conditions.”

He continued, “ Over the next few weeks we are posting a few of the hundreds tips and ideas we covered onto various websites. They will be found on our sponsors’ websites; the
Hotel Garbe’s and Get Real Weekly. They will also appear on http://www.stefandrew.com/ where further free advice can be found via a free marketing tips newsletter.”

Further details from Stefan Drew on 07904 897 929

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