Book Signing

On Wednesday 24 March 2010, Dr. John Piper launched his new his new book "The St. Petersburg Declaration".

The book signing was held in the Bar Boa Vista at the Hotel Garbe and was well attended by many local residents and patients of Dr. Piper.

This fascinating second novel, was written in response to the shooting of the 27 year old Brazilian man in a London Underground train in 2005 by police using expanding missiles (Dum Dum bullets); seven of the eight projectiles entered his head rendering him mutilated and unrecognizable. The result of this shocking and brutal act, is an anti-war book using the weapon of ridicule.

There will be a second book signing at the Lagoa library on Saturday 24 April at 17.00 hrs. The books have been supplied for sale by the Magna Carta Bookshop of Alvor.

Dr. Piper's first novel " Mother Killers" will also be available.

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