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Bicentenary Celebrations of the French Invasions of Iberia
Battle Dinner 3: From Talavera to Torres Vedras
Tuesday 24 November 18:00
Talk by Peter Kingdon Booker followed by dinner at the Hotel Garbe, Armação de Pêra.

Tickets €20
(please book by 21 November)

After his court martial and return to Portugal in April 1809, Sir Arthur Wellesley took up his winning ways again and summarily ejected the French from Porto. Seeking to profit from Spanish hostility to the French, with Cabinet permission he then advanced into Spain and joined forces with General Cuesta. Their relationship was not harmonious, but Wellesley managed to hold their alliance together while they fought the battle of Talavera on 27-28 July, 1809. The allies won this victory by the skin of their teeth but both British and Spanish had to retire in haste before larger French armies. Ennobled as Viscount Wellington as a result of this victory, the British commander used the year of respite from French attacks to construct at Torres Vedras one of the cheapest and most effective defence systems anywhere in the world. What was his secret? During the winter of 1809 - 1810, he was nearly defeated; where was his most damaging opposition? How did he survive?

Find out on 24 November how the future ´Iron Duke´ continued to contribute his genius to the defeat of Napoleon and consider again how he earned his considerable reputation. This is the third in Peter Booker´s series of presentations on the Peninsular Wars, in this Bicentennial of Britain´s participation in the Peninsular Wars here in Iberia.

Information/reservations :
lynne.booker@iol.pt/281 971 567.

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