Christmas fashion can sparkle even through the economic gloom!


Alison Slater of 'Collections'

People have been asking me which are the colours for this winter season, and I am delighted to be able to say that they are much brighter than in some years. We all like more colour here than in the rather grey UK, and this year there are some really gorgeous bright purples and blues, as well as greens and a range of browns. When it comes to Christmas, there is a wide choice of the usual reds, golds and silvers, as well as other metallic finishes, and a lot of sparkle!

Times are hard financially for us all, and although I buy most of my clothes through the UK, unfortunately I don't really benefit from the weak Pound, as the international currency for cloth & clothing manufacture is.......US dollars! ( Perhaps I should be in oil instead!) Having said that, I am lucky to have built up a great relationship with my many suppliers, and have hunted down some good deals.

When it comes to Christmas parties, and just dressing up a bit for the season, we can keep the cost down by limiting the basics and adding some glitter and colour. You probably have a nice pair of black trousers or skirt ( if not, you know where to look! ), and can make a real impact with a bright but classy top. While it can be much cooler indoors here, there are lovely jumpers, both light-weight and a bit heavier, as well as some gorgeous cardigans – not a bit like our Grannies used to wear!

I hope to see you at the Network Spirit of Christmas Fair taking place on 1st December, at the Hotel Garbe in Armação de Pêra where I will be showing all the fashion you might need for the season, and where you can find almost everything else you may be looking for in the run-up to Christmas, from cards & crackers to presents for all the family

Entry to the Spirit of Christmas Fair is free

For more information please contact Verna Kinder e-mail pvkinder@mail.telepac.pt

Network Spirit of Christmas Fair, Hotel Garbe, Armação de Pêra.Tuesday, 1st December, 2009 11.00am to 5.00pm

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