Hotel Garbe Christmas Quiz - Win a weekend for two

1. In the song, the 12 days of Christmas, what gift did my true love give to me on the 7th day of Christmas?

2. Who wrote the song "I’m dreaming of a white Christmas"?

3. On Christmas day in 1864 the traditional swim in the Serpentine first took place, in which park?

4. Who popularised the Christmas tree in England in the 19th century?

5. What is the name of the fruit sauce which is a traditional accompaniment to the Christmas Turkey?

6. Which word, associated with Christmas, comes from a Greek word meaning "we can act anything"?

7. "Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents" is the first line from which literary classic by Louisa May Alcott?

8. Whose is the first voice to be heard on the original recording of Band Aid's 'Do they Know It's Christmas?

9. Who wrote the Christmas story, "The Snowman"?

10. What colour is Santa Claus' belt?

11. Who were Balthazar, Melchior and Caspar?

12. From the Christmas Carol "Good King Wenceslas", where was Good King Wenceslas the King of?

13. In what year was the first Christmas card produced?

14. What is the biggest selling Christmas single of all time?

15. What Christmas drink contains sugar, milk and eggs?

16. What 1990 movie told of a boy's experience of two men breaking into his house during Christmas?

17. Counting Rudolph, how many reindeer are there?

18. What is the most popular tree topper?

19. Which fizzy drink company featured a big smiling Santa in it's adverts?

20. What do elves wear on the tips of their shoes?

Send your answers by e-mail to info@hotelgarbe.com before 3.00pm on 26th December, 2007 - all correct entries will be placed in a draw. The first one drawn will win a weekend for two in the Hotel Garbe. Answers will be posted in early January.

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