Swim for Shoes - Update and Thank you

We were delighted to receive this photograph with the e-mail below from A Gaivota, Santa Casa in Albufeira which is the Orphanage we supported when we "Swam for Shoes" on Christmas Day and New Years days.

I met with Fatima at the shoe shop and we had great fun choosing with the girls, she brought them in two bus loads. They were all so well-behaved and polite and asked me to send on their thanks to everyone who helped raise the money.
Fatima has also bought shoes at Makro, and is taking the boys to buy sports shoes.

It is so nice that the teenagers can choose their own shoes, in the shoe shop they kept bumping into girls from their school doing the same thing with their mums, it was really good fun, and Fatima and I enjoyed it almost as much as they did.

I am sending you my latest newsletter.

Best wishes and once again many thanks for all the help.


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