A Study Visit to the Hotel Garbe


We are the 16 students of the Bar Service Course of the School of Armação de Pêra, who visited the Hotel Garbe on 9th May, 2007.

Now we are almost finishing this school year and next year will be our turn to work as trainees.

Under these circumstances, we came to visit the Hotel Garbe, which our school has had the pleasure and the luck to cooperate with.

Last year five students, from the 13 of a previous course, have been working in this hotel as trainee barmen and barmaids for about three months and after a final exam in July, they have got a 2nd level certificate in the professional area of Bar Service. From these 13 teenagers some went on studying for the 3rd level in professional schools and others began working in the hotels where they’ve performed their trainings.

About our course, and just to give you an idea about the skills and competences we have to achieve, let us tell you that there are three main areas of studies: the social cultural, the scientific and the technological.

The first includes several subjects, i.e. Portuguese, English, History and Citizenship, Physical Education, Information Technology and Health, Hygiene and Security at Work. The second area includes Maths and German Language and the technological area includes the specific subjects of Bar Service. In what concerns this specific area we have 384 hours of lessons during the year. 65% from these lessons are spent in practical activities related to cafeteria, drinks service and special services.

Enclosed to this short explanation we are sending some photos of our visit to your hotel.

We wish to thank you for your kind reception at the time and look forward to starting our training with you in a near future.

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