Valentine's Quiz Answers

1. Which city is described as ‘the most romantic city in the world’? Paris

2. What is the traditional flower associated with St Valentine’s Day? Roses

3. In a recent poll, which film was voted the most romantic film of all time? Titanic

4. Who stars in the film ‘ Shirley Valentine’? Pauline Collins

5. Which building in New York lights up a red heart on St Valentine’s Day? Empire State Building

6. When Valentine’s day falls on a leap year, what are women traditionally said to be allowed do? Propose

7. Which female actress stars in the romantic comedy ‘When Harry met Sally?’ Meg Ryan

8. What actor starred in the romantic comedy ‘Sleepless in Seattle’? Tom Hanks

9. The film ‘Casanova’ is set in which Italian city? Venice

10. What is the term when a male and female each pay for their own meals on a date? Going Dutch
11. What famous play did Shakespeare write which featured two ‘star crossed lovers’ and ended up being a tragic love story? Romeo and Juliet

12. How many red roses would usually be sent in a bunch of flowers to celebrate Valentine’s Day? 12

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