Spotlight on our Guests

Pat and Eve Burke are two of our many returning guests - generally they come in the winter, but they decided this year to come in July as well - we took the opportunity to ask them to write a few words about us.

"We first arrived at the Hotel Garbe 17 years ago when Armacao de Pera was a fairly quiet fishing village with pretty almond trees and olive bushes everywhere. We loved it so much we have been back at least once every year since, mainly in the winter months, when we meet up with guests we have become friends wit over the years. Armacao de Pera is tranquil and all the local people have time to chat and are most helpful and friendly.
This year we decided to make an extra visit - and, for the first time, in July. We were a little concerned, knowing there would be more people - would all the lovely, gentle patient hotel staff (many of whom were here when we first came!) still have the time and inclination to be just as helpful. We need not have worried! They are fantastic and are one of the many reasons for our continued return. There are, of course, many more people about, but not too many. Last night we had dinner (delicious!) in the Raj Indian Restaurant. We had a window table and watched with great pleasure many families playing on the beach until 8.30pm. It looked so happy with the sun still shining on the different coloured parasols.
After our meal we walked along the promenade and were so impressed - the beach was completely free of litter - a compliment to our Portuguese host from the many nationalities and, perhaps, a lesson learnt from the Portuguese themselves. We sincerely hope to come back to our "home from home" for many years to come - we have already booked for 5 weeks in November/December. It occurs to me that we have never been here in September - I wonder if..........?

We are planning to continue to "Spotlight on our Guests" - if you would like the "Spotlight" on you - please let us know at spotlight@hotelgarbe.com

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