Activity Holidays - Middle Eastern Dancing

A Journey through dance of the Middle East

7 nights - 300 Euros per person

Each break consists of seven nights accommodation sharing a twin landview room, breakfast, afternoon tea and biscuits and a place on our Middle Eastern Dancing Course

Course details
The course consists of four 3-hour sessions

From the desert sands of Morocco and Tunisia to the African borders and Nile Delta, we are entering on an historical journey, exploring dance in its many elements. The sensuous classical Beledi of Egypt, from which we have coined ‘Belly Dance’, elements from ancient Persia, fast Gypsy rhythms through Andalusia to fusions of India and world music, from Cairo to New York. Learn the ancient and the modern, exploring many cultures as you learn the techniques and appreciation of the many different styles which today form one of the largest and most exciting dance movements in the world.

Your tutor specialises in teaching control and isolation of movement, enabling students to build confidence early in their experience. Age and ability is no barrier to learning this wonderful form of self expression. Over fifteen years as a teacher have given your tutor knowledge of the potential blockages and ways to facilitate learning. In the past she has enabled students with many disabilities, including steel hips and blindness, to take part and feel special.

This course will take you through the basic movements, gaining co-ordination skill along the way which enables the use of veils, scarves and finger cymbals, building to dance choreography. Costume and make-up will also be explained as part of the overall performance skill.

The course takes place in the beautiful Raj at the Garbe with views through the palm trees, over the sand with waves lapping the shore. Classes are divided into two one and a half hour sessions daily. Extra classes can be arranged. Photo shoots on the beach can also be arranged as a special memento of your stay.

Price per person to include the course and 7 nights accommodation sharing twin landview room and breakfast is 300 Euros per person.

5th – 12th November, 2006
21st – 28th January, 2007
18th - 25th February, 2007
18th – 25th March, 2007

To book or for more information, please send an e-mail to activities@hotelgarbe.com

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