Holiday Inn Algarve Coming soon!!!!

From 1st July 2010 the Hotel Garbe will become the Holiday Inn Algarve.

As part of our commitment to ‘Great Hotels Guests Love’ the reception area of the hotel has been refurbished and a further refurbishment of 66 guest rooms will be complete by end of June.

We hope to see you soon in the new Holiday Inn Algarve.


Anonymous said...

Been going to the Garbe for 22 years and even through the name is changing it will always be the Garbe to me... its sad the name is changing cause dont really like the sound of Holiday inn Algarve personally...makes the hotel sound cheap, which it is most definately not. Hopefully the old name will come back. I am staying in the Hotel 27th June to 1st July this year, so the last days with the Garbe name I look forward it.

Alex from Sheffield

Anonymous said...

I've been going to the Hotel Garbe for nearly 30 years, at least once a year. In fact all my children have crawled, toddled , swam & sunbathed there , in fact one recently got married there too.(It was a wonderful day ). My hope is that the Garbe's unique charm, character & friendliness will not be lost & it does not become a bland & boring corporate clone


Hotel Garbe said...

Dear Whirlowsmith

Thank you for commenting and for your kind comments about the Hotel.

It is only the name that is changing.

Our owners, management and staff are the same, it is very exciting for all of us. We will have the advantages of being part of a Chain which will enable us to compete with the big hotel groups.

Except for losing the name (which I have to agree is very sad) - we are all very pleased about it.

We are planning to name a meeting room or a suite - Garbe.

We hope when you next visit you will find the same "unique charm, character and friendliness" that you have enjoyed here for the last 30 years.


Hotel Garbe soon to be Holiday Inn Algarve said...

Hi Alex,

Many thanks for your comment.

We are delighted that you will be here for the name change. It will be an exciting time.

You are right, losing the name is a little sad after so many years - but there are many advantages for us all.

We hope that you will continue to enjoy your holidays here for many more years to come.