Review - A great place to stay

We thoroughly enjoyed our 1 week stay at the Hotel Garbe and hope this helps others thinking of visiting:-


A fantastic hotel in a very pleasant resort. Would not hesitate to recommend to others and would definitely go back again.

1. The hotel has a beachfront location (probably the best hotel location in the resort).

2. The hotel breakfast was excellent - a good selection and a chance to set yourself up for the day.
3. Hotel rooms are very comfortable - ours had twin beds and a fantastically powerful shower (we had room 7 on the lower ground level - it looks out onto the beach and you can step straight off the small but private terrace, down a short flight of steps and onto the beach - superb).

4. The beach is excellent, with golden sand (both coarse and fine) and shelves gently, making for great swimming - If you want privacy be prepared to walk 1/2 to 1 mile along the beach to the more secluded stretches.

5. The resort is relatively small in size and does not seem to attract drunken revellers

6. The resort has a very good selection of eateries (from budget to relatively high end) - we particularly enjoyed 'Chines' Chinese restaurant and 'Busiris' pastelaria, both within 100m of the hotel.

7. The 'Old Town' is a 5 min walk (along a very pretty pedestrianised promenade & street) from the hotel and has a high concentration of bars, restaurants and shops.

8. Hotel staff are very friendly, speak English and are always available to help.

1. The sunbeds (including sun shade and windbreak - it can get breezy in the afternoons) are quite expensive: 13 Euros in June and 14 Euros in July (this is for two sunbeds).

2. Unless you are prepared to venture further afield (hire a car or take a few day trips) a week is probably enough at this resort - or at least it was for us.

3. The pedestrianised walkway (promenade and street) leading to the 'Old Town' is a work in progress – the workmen are still laying the cobbles over a couple of 100m stretches but it can still be walked, although it is a little dusty. I would guess the work will be complete by end of 2009.

Trip Advisor - 5th July, 2009

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