Press Release 02/07/2009
Following our communication yesterday regarding the cleaning of our street, we write to confirm that the Camara of Silves has responded positively and started cleaning the Avenida Beira Mar that has been the subject of recent works.

We thank the Camara for their prompt response and regret that we have to take such action to avoid further threats to the lives of our employees and their families, that are so dependent upon tourism at this time of year.

Press release 01/07/2009
Despite numerous confirmations and ever varying dates - the roadworks outside the Hotel Garbe are still not complete. The final touches are still missing - trees, electical fittings and the final cleaning of the new pavement. Obviously, we cannot work with this situation any longer - we are going to clean the road - on Friday, 3rd July at 11.00am, the staff of the hotel Garbe will en mass go out to sweep the road - we have 50 brooms....

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