Countdown to Christmas…


How lovely are your brunches?

The history of the Christmas tree goes back to 1810 in Denmark and it was Queen Victoria who brought it into British homes in 1840.

In the northern European countries, the pine tree was the kind which dropped the needles very quickly, therefore the tradition was to bring in the tree on December 24 and decorate it with candles, garlands, candies and paper flowers.

Nowadays, the Christmas tree is a different, much better type and most do not drop their needles, especially the Nordmann and Nobilis firs, which are now known as real Christmas trees.

The history of real Christmas trees in the Algarve goes back not so far, but theordinary pine, which grows wild in the region, has been used as Christmas tree for many years.

In the early nineties, we decided that we needed a real, beautiful Christmas tree and wehad the opportunity of importing 1,000 trees from Denmark. However, we then had the hard job of selling them as the Portuguese were not familiar with this kind of tree and foreigners did not expect to see it here. Nevertheless it was the start.

So now you know that, every year, you can have your very own beautiful Christmas tree, all the way from Denmark, and you do not need to decorate it with paper flowers as Lis from ESDAV Landscaping also has a variety of handmade or Danish-imported Christmas decorations.

See them for yourselves, along with other exciting gifts, at the Network Christmas Fayre on December 1 from 11am to 5pm at the Hotel Garbe in Armação de Pêra.

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