Giracor Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition at the Hotel Garbe - 16th - 30th April, 2006

The Giracor Group is based at the Art School in Lagoa and is composed of at least 10 different nationalities. Each one transmitting to the canvas the influence of their culture.

From 16th to 30th April, 2006 there will be about 20 works of diverse styles and techniques on display in the Reception area of the Hotel Garbe. With a variety of styles and in different medias this artists aided by their maturity and life experiences express themselves creating works that are vibrant with colour, harmonious in shape and sufficiently individual to create works that stir emotions. Works, which are a delight to the eyes and nourishment to the soul.

Come and meet the Artists from 11.30am on the 16th April. They will also be enjoying lunch in the Hotel on that day, and would be delighted for others to join them – 22 Euros per person to include wine and coffee.

To book or for more information please contact the Director of the Group Manuela Vale on 282 461939 or 91 4620044

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