Angels’ Feathers - Theatre review

The latest innovation of Algarve-based author and actress, Nicky Moran, is a one-act play, ‘Angel’s Feathers.’ Appearing with Dutch actor Thomas Hartmann, the pair entertained audiences at Hotel Garbe as part of a theatre dinner evening.

By popular demand repeat performances are due to take place in January. (See below)

This is one of Nicky’s most humorous scripts and the dreamlike plot is held together by two down-to-earth performances. Frequent references to, “two ounces of boiled ham,” and “Bobby, the tabby cat,” succeed in keeping the audience grounded.

Another recurring theme is memory loss, resulting in Nicky - playing the part of a forgetful widow - putting the kettle out on the doorstep instead of the cat. The action starts during one of these absent-minded moments when the scatterbrained old lady has been standing in a queue for so long she’s forgotten why she’s there.

As often happens in these cases her long-term memory is unaffected. She has no trouble affectionately recalling her deceased husband, his problems with water retention and the consequences of drinking 20 pints of beer!

Performed with sensitivity and warmth, the endearing old widow goes onto meet up with a bizarre character, suffering from years of insomnia due to running a multinational company. Thomas Hartmann’s neurotic delivery of a megalomaniac is reminiscent of Gene Wilder playing Leo Bloom in the film, ‘The Producers.’

Well experienced at tackling unusual roles, in The Netherlands when the film of ‘ET’ was dubbed into Dutch, Thomas’s remarkably expressive voice was selected to play the leading role.

As the story unfolds the pair become amiably disposed towards each other, the widow being surprisingly imaginative when advising the megalomaniac about how to run his business.

Nicky’s previous theatrical successes as a playwright include ‘Lights Out’ and ‘Snakes and Ladders.’

‘Angels’ Feathers’ is a new fast-moving show directed by Midge Ridley that should not be missed.

Due to be staged on January 20th and 21st
Raj Restaurant, Hotel Garbe, Armação de Pêra
Three-course Indian meal with wine, coffee and show €30 p.p.
Telephone to reserve a table: - 282 320 260

Carolyn Kain

Photo: Peter Kain

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