Network Christmas Fair at the Hotel Garbe


This is always the Algarve Christmas fair with everything for everybody, and was very well organised. That makes a big difference to those of us who had stands, so many thanks to all concerned.

There was a range of stands offering all the cards and gift-wrap you could ask, and all sorts of foodstuffs for the season, together with a great choice for presents and stocking-fillers. Of course there were also books and jewellery, wines and pies, meaning almost everybody left with something, and the raffles & tombola were well supported by all.

From my own point of view, having a travelling shop, I am used to setting up and packing up, so I appreciate the organisation put into this fair each year. We were all in the main dining-room this year, which I'm sure was easier for the hotel, and left the bar free for those who needed a break!

I loved having the opportunity to put on a ' Fashion Flash ', and had 12 ladies happy to wander round showing off some of my party outfits, and would like to add my thanks to Chris Winstanley, who seemed to have been dragooned into a sideline as MC!

Mention of Chris leads me nicely on to thank those members of The Algarveans who came in costume or otherwise to promote February's pantomime - ' A Boy and Some Beans'.

Happy Christmas to all,


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