Putting the ‘Living’ Back Into Life! - Workshop

‘What’s Next?’
Putting the ‘Living’ Back Into Life!

November 11 and 12

If you get a feeling that thereʼs something missing from your life in Portugal, hereʼs an important opportunity for you!

Stephanie Philp, an internationally recognised trainer and coach based in New Zealand, will be presenting ‘What’s Next?’ A two-day programme for people who want to live a life of passion and purpose.

Stephanie trains and works extensively with people who want to find their mission in life and live in a way that fits with their important values.

She has developed a two-day training programme called, ‘What’s Next?’ It’s been especially created to help you systematically design the future you want:

‣ Discover your purpose or mission in life.
‣ Identify your values, what motivates you.
‣ Set a goal that aligns with your mission using a unique process.
‣ Create your own resourceful emotional and physical states, instantly.
‣ Develop new state-of-the-art skills for maintaining great relationships.
‣ How your brain works - and how to programme it for success.
‣ Plus much, much more!

Places on the course are limited to ensure you get personal attention. Follow-up coaching is
also available. Bookings are essential. To find out more visit:

http://www.metamorphosis.co.nz/whats_next.htm and download a free brochure.

Dates: 11th and 12th November 2008 - 9.00 am - 5.30 pm
Investment: 215 € Basic, 230 € Premium
Trainer: Stephanie Philp. steph@metamorphosis.co.nz
Venue: Hotel Garbe 8365-909 Armação de Pêra (www.hotelgarbe.com)
Web site: www.metamorphosis.co.nz
Portugal contact: Julie Adcock
Email: adcockp@aol.com Phone: 289-842-462

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