Pirates of the Algarve - contributed

Bird flu restrictions did not stop a flock of parrots descending on the Hotel Garbe over Christmas to check out the scene for their masters as the Pirates of the Algarve invaded the restaurant and bar.

Aided by treasure chests and strobe light swords they swash buckled their way down the gang plank to entertain the guests over dinner and during the judging.

Two hotel guests were press-ganged into service for the choosing of the best dressed Pirate and Piratess. A difficult choice with a cutlass held at the throat but eventually the Audience came to the rescue with the clap-o-meter and peace restored with the invaders heading off to get hung over on their bounty.

Twin brothers got so enthusiastic earlier in the evening that their pirate antics had to be confined to bed, but not before they had taken the prizes for the best junior costumes.

If you did not get a chance to join the party at Christmas, watch out during the carnival season in February, there might be a pirate or two still lurking at the Garbe!!

Jeanette Elliot
January, 2008

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