Thanks for the Memory - contributed

To the Garbe

Thanks for the Memory

It’s goodbye to Christmas and New Year too
Home to England and much to do,
Suitcase, flight bag and more of the same
Tickets, passport and I’ll board the plane
I settle down and look at the sky
But memories not clouds go drifting by
I laugh to myself as I close my eyes
Thinking of wine and lovely mince pies
Of singing along to carols galore
Is this a foretaste of what lies in store?

Ring out the bells it’s Christmas Day
A dip in the ocean? Well so they say
Children need shoes at homes some where near
New shoes all ready to start the New Year
So we dress up like Santa – what a ‘to-do!
Don’t forget Rudolph, we wore antlers too
And down to the beach to get a good start.
It was cold, it was raining but oh how we laughed
We all linked arms and ran into the sea.
Boy! It was cold but who cares? Not me.
Then up to the bar where mulled wine was waiting
How welcome was that? And we start celebrating

The joy of Christmas such a magical time
The evening brought Santa with chocolates and wine
And all dressed up for this special day.
We gazed in wonder at the fare on display
Ham, smoked salmon and turkey of course
Sausages, bacon and cranberry sauce.
Deserts a plenty and Christmas pud too
With brandy butter that was quite cordon bleu
Singing and dancing ended the day.
But no rest for the wicked or so they say
So it’s up with the lark on Boxing Day
Sharpen your wits and get ready to play
All kinds of quizzes then a fancy dress dinner.
And prizes of course for each of the winners
Two thousand and five is fast fading away
And we all reminisce as we start on our way
To two thousand and six and hopefully peace
An end to disasters, fear and disease
And as we reflect on the old year just fading
We get ready to bring in the New Year in waiting
So it’s welcome to fairy land or so it seems
Hats and flowers and balloons form the beams

Wonderful food fit for a king
Too much to mention but we taste everything
Music and dancing and cabaret
And how we all laughed as the “Can Can” held sway
Champagne flowed freely as midnight drew near
And we all raised our glasses to a Happy New Year
My thanks to the staff for a wonderful time.
And how many times did we sing “Auld Lange Syne

It’s not a dream I did not fall asleep
Just closed my eyes my memories to keep
Memories are better than dreams so they claim
And this one is MINE ‘til I return again.

Molly Clarke
Guest (21st December, 2005 – 1st March, 2006)

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