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We went to Portugal and stayed in the Hotel Garbe the first week in November and the weather was really hot. The hotel is fantastic and very clean.

We had a sea view room which I recommend, the views were amazing you get to see the sunset.

Whilst in Portugal we had the chance to book some activities during the week so we chose to go on a Jeep Safari and visit Zoo Marine. The Jeep Safari was really good the drivers were very comical and we got to see some gorgeous views and taste some fire water. In Zoo Marine we watched a bird show, sea lion show and best of all the dolphin show. We also booked to swim with the dolphins which is the most wonderful experience ever. The dolphins are so friendly and amazing animals I recommend this activity to everyone its a once in a life time experience that you never forget.

Everyone at the hotel were very friendly and caring. Six of us stayed at Hotel Garbe (3 couples) and whilst we were there we made a huge dolphin sand sculpture which the manager took a picture of and left a free drink in the bar for us. We made alot of elderly friends whilst we were there. The bar in the hotel was quite expensive so I would suggest that you drank in happy hour 7-8pm.We would recommend to eat in the Raj Restaurant in the hotel the food is great. I also recommend the Happy Talk Chinese restaurant nearby to the hotel it was the best Chinese I had ever tasted. We are glad that we went bed and breakfast as we got to eat out in the evenings and there are loads of gorgeous restaurants in the area. The breakfast in the hotel was brilliant and had a wide variety to choose from.

Overall our stay was fantastic we really enjoyed ourselves and are hoping to go back next year.
traveler rating:*****
Armacao de Pera: Hotel Garbe: "brilliant"Nov 15, 2005:
Jade Lynch, Shrewsbury, England

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